Have a Lot of E-Waste? Recycle it!

recycle old electronic stuff

Do you know you have a lot of E-Waste in your home? Why not recycle it?

Well, you might have bought a new Smart TV, but have no idea what to do with old TV that still works! You may have purchased a new laptop, but your old PC is still lying in the corner of your room gathering dust. Keyboards, speakers, monitors, TVs, and PCs all can be recycled.

If you are looking for ways to dispose of all the electronic waste, then this article is for you!

Top 5 Ways to Recycle Old Electronic Products!

You cannot just throw away electronic items in your waste bin. However, these products, too, can be recycled efficiently. In fact, recycling or reusing electronic items is a smart and environmentally friendly way to reduce junk.

It is estimated that around 1.5 billion cell phone units were sold in 2017. Imagine how many broken or lost phones will find their way to our trash this year!

So how would you manage cleaning up such excessive wastes? Don’t worry! Here are a few tips to help you recycle old electronic stuff effectively.

1. Check if Repairing or Upgrading Works

If your TV, computer, cell phone, or any other electronic device is broken, the first thing you can do is to get it fixed. Most of the time, we waste a lot of money by throwing away old products that could be easily repaired by spending that repair fee.

Repair electronics

If simple repairing doesn’t fix your problem, try upgrading it. In most cases, replacing one or two components of the device with the latest hardware can fix the entire problem. For instance, if your PC is running slowly, get its RAM replaced with a new one. You will notice an improvement in its performance instantly.

2. Return the product to the Manufacturer

Most tech giants, such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, Canon and Sony offer special programs through which they collect your gadgets for little to no fee. In this way, you not only help reduce waste, but also help these brands reuse components that still work. It is a cost-effective approach for both you and the makers.

3. Look for Exchange/Selling Offers

Some popular platforms, like Amazon and BestBuy have formally stepped into the arena of electronic recycling. These services offer comprehensive deals, such as worthy gift cards, in exchange of your old electronic stuff.

4. Donate

If you are replacing your old laptop, computer, or smartphone, simply because you have bought the latest model, why not donate your old stuff? Well, if your device works fine, instead of throwing it away, better to give it away to someone who might need it.donate old electronics

Several charity organizations look forward to your donations to help them operate seamlessly. Dell Reconnect and eBay for Charity are two such examples.

You may also look up for some nearby schools or digital libraries who might need your old computers to expand their services for children.

5. Contact a Recycling/Removal Service

If you are left with no other option but to recycle old electronic junk piling up at your home, you can contact any nearby junk removal service such as Clear Space. This junk removal company in Seattle, WA, provides you a safe, affordable way to get rid of all the E-Waste at your convenience.recycle old electronic

Recycling appears to be the single most effective solution to reduce environmental damage. E-Waste can significantly add to the toxicity of our planet if not disposed of properly. With the tips given above, you can easily recycle E-Waste and clean up your house and the planet.

Happy recycling,

-Junk Talk Web Team


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