Compost bins: Which one?

Hello Readers, Composting is a great way to recycle kitchen and garden scraps.  A lot of us would love to start composting, but there so many questions to answer about how to go about doing it.  Plus, the image of an unattractive, smelly pile of kitchen scraps at the end of the garden is definitely... Continue Reading →

Waste diversion in Seattle

Seattle is supposed to be one of the most progressive cities when it comes to green, environmentally friendly living, recycling and keeping trees around. You would be surprise that we are actually not. Waste diversion: It is a term referring to the separation of recyclable materials and garbage, junk, and waste. The percent of waste... Continue Reading →

De-cluttering your home, one step at a time.

Declutter your home in three ‘easy’ steps. Have you ever found yourself staring at the boxes in your garage in frustration, thinking “I knew that thing is here somewhere. I remember buying it, like six months ago. Where is it?” Or maybe this is more familiar? “Wait, I have bank statements and receipts from 1989?”... Continue Reading →

No accelerator or recurring expenses. Rotary Twin Drum puts a positive spin on home composting — ENDLESSLY GREEN

When Mr Kishor Rathi, director of Aurangabad-based Spinform Plastics, approached me to try out his Rotary Drum Composter some months ago, I was more keen on reviewing his large-scale composting products. But Mr Rathi persisted and couriered this compact, twin-coloured unit. The company manufactures various types of composters of different capacities for both home and […]... Continue Reading →

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